Stevaert missing amid rape allegations

A search is under way to find the former leader of the Flemish socialist party and form Governor of Limburg province Steve Stevaert. Mr Stevaert’s bicycle and coat have been found near the Albert Canal in the Limburg city of Hasselt. News of Mr Stevaert’s disappearance has been confirmed by the Flemish Socialist Party.

Police divers have been searching for Mr Stevaert in the canal. They have also used a boat equipped with ultrasound technology to help with the search. Two coats thought to belong to Mr Stevaert have been found in the canal.

The Judicial Authorities have also confirmed that they are looking for Mr Stevaert who is to face trial on rape allegations. Mr Stevaert’s most well-known achievement as politician was the introduction free public transport for the over 65’s.

This morning it was revealed that a Brussels examining magistrate investigated allegations that Steve Stevaert had raped a woman.

The alleged offence took place four and a half years ago at one of the companies at which Mr Stevaert used to be board member of.
It is not in conceivable that Mr Stevaert’s disappearance is connected to the rape allegations.

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