Zero tolerance for speeding

Public prosecutors will in future be obliged to treat all speeding motorists in the same way whether a violation is recorded in Tongeren or De Panne. From now on speeding offences will be subject to zero tolerance!

This sounds worse than it is. It means that a 6km/h downward correction will be made to all measurements that show that a motorist has exceeded the speed permitted.

The 6km/h correction is made because of the margin of error attached to Belgian speed cameras. As early as 2006 Belgium's public prosecutor's offices were asked to observe zero tolerance and only to reduce measurements of excessive speed by 6km/h. A survey carried out by the daily Het Laatste Nieuws shows that one in six offices still applies a correction of up to 11km/h.

Belgian Justice Minister Koen Geens and Public Prosecutors' Panel have now decided that only a 6km/h correction is permitted.

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