Belgian police staging new anti-speeding marathon

Belgium is staging another speed trap marathon on Wednesday. "Federal police will be checking your speed across the country. This means that you can be checked several times", warns Kristiaan Popelier of the federal police. "The action also serves as an awareness campaign to highlight the risks of exceeding the speed limit. 1 in 3 road accidents are related to excessive speed."

The anti-speed marathon started at 6am and is part of a European effort in various countries. It will continue until midnight. Federal police are deploying mobile speed traps at various places. All provinces are taking part in the action, which also serves as an awareness campaign.

As 1 in 3 road accidents is due to excessive speed, police want to try and change the motorists' behaviour. This is also why the action will be repeated, starting next week on 23 April, which will be a pure Belgian effort on that occasion.

Belgian police are organising anti-speed marathons on different occasions. There was on last April, one year ago, and another one in October, though that one was disturbed by a police strike.