“Mother still won’t let Baby Q drink”

Keepers at the Planckendael Animal Park, near Mechelen are trying to reunite the elephant calf that was born there on Wednesday with its mother. However, their efforts so far have been in vein. A spokesman for the park told journalists that the mother of “Baby Q” May Tagu is still refusing to assume her role as a mother.

“The way things are at the moment don’t bode well. Without milk from its mother the young elephant won’t be able to survive.”
Baby Q was born on Wednesday morning. From the outset it became apparent that his mother was somewhat maladroit and even quite rough with her offspring As a result her baby was unable to stand up drink its mother’s milk.

Consequently; Baby Q was isolated from his mother temporarily. He has been given imitation elephant milk to keep his strength up by keepers from the elephant house.

Keepers at the zoo will try and reunite him with his mother later today. For the young elephant’s future it is of vital importance that his mother begins to look after him. The baby elephant cannot survive without milk from his mother.

The keepers at Planckendael’s elephant house have separated both elephants from the rest of the heard and the general public to allow them to bond. It is hoped that this will happen soon as “time is pressing”.