Vice squad detains 19 pimps in Brussels

Since the beginning of January the Brussels vice squad has arrested no fewer than 19 pimps in the Alhambra and Louisa districts of the Belgian and Flemish capital. Prostitution is not an offence in Belgium, but organising prostitution is.

Residents of the Alhambra Quarter of central Brussels have been complaining about street prostitution and the disturbance it causes for many years now. At the beginning of last year the City of Brussels unveiled plans to push street prostitution back and limit it to an area near the Antwerpsesteenweg. Public money was spent on purchasing the Tropicana Bar that had become a rendezvous for pimps and prostitutes alike, but as could have been expected the activity moved to other bars and prostitutes remained a common sight on our streets.

Brussels Burgomaster Yvan Mayeur now believes his services have made a significant break-through: "Fieldwork has allowed us to dismantle a prostitution network: 23 people were questioned in connection with vice offences and 19 pimps have been detained. Combatting people trafficking is one of our priorities."