Foreign Affairs searching for missing Belgian in Nepal

The Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry is doing everything within its power to trace and recover a 24-year-old man from Liège who is still missing in Nepal after the 25 April earthquake. "Our representatives in Nepal are trying their very best to track the man down", says Foreign Affairs spokesperson Michael Mareel.
Nepalese soldiers clearing out rubble in the capital Kathmandu

The 'representatives' Mr Mareel is talking about are the honorary consul in Nepal and the embassy staff at the New Delhi diplomatic post. "They are in direct contact with several international rescue teams, whom they've asked to localise the last Belgian lost in Nepal. They're also communicating with local authorities and UN representatives. Moreover, there's now an additional separate coordinating service for European countries that can help trace euro-citizens", Mr Mareel adds.

The Ministry has also contacted the young man's mother. She has informed several newspapers that she's planning to go to Nepal herself, and look for her son, who was lost during a hiking tour.

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