Motorbike wheelie man identified

Police have identified a man that was caught on video while performing a motorcycle wheelie on public roads. The stunt on the Brussels orbital road covered 1 kilometre. The man will receive a fine and risks to have his motorbike confiscated.

Amateur footage emerged two weeks ago. The man managed a speed of 80 miles per hour on his back wheel and standing on the bike. The video was looked into by the federal police department. The number plate was illegible, but a second video revealed the number plate after all. Police managed to track down the man, who was questioned and admitted the facts.

Peter De Waele of the federal police: "The man is in his thirties and he is a real freak. He claims he normally does this kind of thing on private property, but he explains that he wanted "to let himself go" for once on public roads. We are not amused and informed the local judicial authorities in Halle-Vilvoorde." The fine for performing a wheelie is not so high, but the man may have to appear before a police judge, who could impose other sanctions. It's possible that his motorbike is confiscated.

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