Yet another Dieudonné show cancelled in Brussels

Yesterday, Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur (Francophone Socialists) decided last-minute to cancel a performance of French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala in the capital. Several hundreds of people had come to the Thurn & Taxis site, where the performance was supposed to take place, but they were held off by the police.
- Many people gathered at the gates of Thurn & Taxis in Brussels.

Mr Mayeur based his decision on the advice of the Threat Analysis and Coordination Organ OCAD, which classified the show as a level-3 (out of 4) threat situation. OCAD considered the danger of public disorder, as well as protests against Dieudonné's performance right outside Thurn & Taxis.

Not just the gig itself, but also demonstrations against it were prohibited throughout the city. Police units were sent out to Thurn & Taxis, but luckily, they were not forced to intervene. The crowd that had gathered outside the site dispersed without incident. Dieudonné himself was not spotted either.

Secret location

Dieudonné's Brussels performance had been announced on the comedian's website. However, the venue remained a secret until right before the show. Potential spectators had been asked to send their e-mail addresses, to which the location of the gig was sent the morning before.

Mayeur started to suspect something, though, when he found out that one of the Thurn & Taxis auditoriums had been rented by non-existing sports clothing brand Thor. The Brussels mayor now claims that the manager of the site was criminally deceived.

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