Brussels’ Cathedral peregrine falcon chick flies the nest

Six weeks after it hatched, the first of the Brussels Cathedral Peregrine falcon chicks has flown the nest. He three sisters are expected to follow suit in the next few days. The news that the young bird of prey has decided to spread its wings comes from the Museum of Natural Science that operates a falcon observation post at the foot of the cathedral.

This year’s nest of peregrine falcons is made up of four female birds. They were born on 9 April and ringed on 28 April. Over the past few weeks, the chicks have been finding their feet by walking and spreading their wings around their nests.

Didier Vangeluwe from the Natural Science Museum told journalists that “Peregrine falcons care well for their chicks. There are few accidents before they fly the nest. However, after that they don’t get a second chance."

Statically just two of the four chicks will survive the year.