“Regions and language communities entitled to 124.4 million more”

The Court of Audit has written in its report on the recent budget review that given the most recent figures on the economy, the Federal Government should have passed on 124.4 million euro more to the regions and language communities than has been the case.

The Federal Government had based the amount it passed on the regions and language communities on growth figures of 1% and 0% inflation, figures that Ecomonic Planning Bureau presented it with on 12 February. However, more recent figures from the Planning Bureau predict growth of 1.3%.

This would title the regions and language communities to 47.3 million euro more. Furthermore, the planning bureau bow also predicts inflation of 0.2% which would mean 77.1 million euro extra from the regions and languages communities. A total sum of 124.4 million euro.

Bills outstanding at the Justice Department

The Court of Auditors also criticised the Federal Government for having allowed a situation to arise whereby the Justice Department is now behind with payments to the tune of 101 million euro.