300 million euro alimony remains unpaid

Divorcees often refuse to pay alimony despite being obliged to do so. Accord to figures from the Alimony Recovery Service (DAVO) a least 300 million euro/year in alimony goes unpaid.

DAVO acts as a kind of neutral go-between between those obliged to pay alimony to their former partner and former partners that are entitled to alimony payments. DAVO tries to persuade those in arrears to pay up. However, this isn’t always easy.

Last year, DAVO was able to recovery 18 million euro in unpaid alimony, a drop in the ocean when you consider that there were at least 300 million euro alimony arrears.

The Federal Finance Ministry spokesman Francis Adyns told journalist that the high level of unpaid alimony is caused by two factors.

"Here we have a group of people that either can’t or won’t pay. It is a combination of these two factors that makes the figure so high.”
During the past five years the number of request for help received by DAVO has doubled to 40,000/year.