Bigger role for bike and chart deliveries?

The Brussels city centre is to become one big pedestrian area as from next Monday. Deliveries by van or truck will only be possible until 11am. This could pose a problem for grocery shops working with fresh goods, restaurants, cafés etc. It seems the best solution is to deliver the articles the old-fashioned way, by bicycle or by pushcart. A new CityDepot will be opened in the Munt area to serve this purpose.

The area situated in between the inner ring road, the so-called Brussels Pentagon zone, will become a pedestrian zone with major restrictions for cars and all motorised traffic.

This also has consequences for deliveries. Grocery shops, big and small supermarkets, restaurants and pubs that need freshly delivered goods will have to be supplied in an alternative way. There are talks of deliveries by bicycle and pushcart, with the dispatching firm CityDepot opening a new store near the Munt Square.

Special goods destined for small businesses or retainers in the pedestrian area, can be delivered there first, in order to be dispatched during the day to nearby places "the old-fashioned way".

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