"A bullet in your leg is not a catastrophe"

Many Belgians in the area are returning home one day after the deadly attack at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel near Sousse (Tunisia). Some escaped unharmed (but are still in shock), others were injured but survived the attack. Claude Besser (photo), who is nursing a leg injury, is one of them, and puts things into perspective: "Sustaining life-threatening injuries or being killed is much worse."

Claude Besser allowed journalists in his hospital room in Tunisia to tell his story. "It's dreadful what happened, what can you do? It's a drama for everyone: for the tourists, for those who died and their families in particular... I had a bullet in my leg. This is not a catastrophe, so to say, but those that died, or those with serious injuries that will be injured for life, that's another thing." The man pauses, before telling the camera that he cannot say more.

Many Belgians were evacuated from the area last night already. This was decided by Belgian touroperators after the dreadful attack at the beach, also taking into account what their customers said. There were emotional scenes upon their arrival at a Belgian Airport. The Red Cross provided mental help for those that were still in shock.

"When I heard the shooting in the distance, I first thought it was part of a game"

"The atmosphere in the hotel was down," one couple said before taking the plane back home. "And even if you would stay, you wouldn't feel safe anyway. We heard the shooting from a distance. At first you don't realise what is happening, but when people start running away from the beach and others are shouting to come inside, you know there is something serious going on."

One older couple were relieved that their granddaughter had just returned from the beach when the shooting took place. "I first thought they were playing a game when I heard the shooting. But it just went on and on, and everyone started running."