High ozone concentrations over the next few days

This week’s heatwave has seen ozone levels in the air rise. This can prove uncomfortable for some groups such as elderly people, young children and those with respiratory complaints. However, the critical level of 240 µg ozone per m³ of air has not yet been exceeded.

The Inter-Regional Environment Cell Ircel says that “Today and tomorrow there is a big chance that the European alert level of 180 µg/m³ will be exceeded at a number of locations in the country".

Depending on the concentration of ozone in the air, how long someone is exposed to it and how sensitive an individual is to ozone and how much a person exerts them self, ozone can lead to health problems.

These range from a decrease in functioning of the lung and eye and respiratory irritation.

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems are advised not to engage in any physical exercise outdoors between 12 noon and 10pm.

Others are advised not to engage in prolonged physical exercise such as jogging.