De Gucht “Sometimes Varoufakis says things that are right”

Speaking in a reaction to the Greek referendum result the Flemish liberal former European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht told VRT television news that Europe can’t simply ignore the “no” vote even it if means negotiating with Yanis Varoufakis (the interview was prior to Mr Varoufakis’ resignation). “Sometimes Mr Varoufakis also says things that are true. You can’t just force Greece out of Europe.”

Mr De Gucht added that to deny people access to money is asking for a revolution.

“At a time like this political decisions need to be taken and taking decisions is not something the Finance Ministers have done over the past week. Now Europe has its back against the wall.”

Crombez: “Greeks need time and support”

The Flemish socialist party leader John Crombez, told journalists that the Greeks now need both time and support.

“A no to blind cuts and a yes to democratic reform. The leading figures within the EU should now offer a solution. Now give Greece time and support to activate a social reform plan”.

Mr Crombez added that “Those that for ideological reasons tried to play the Greek people off against their own government bear a great responsibility here. Their primary concern must now be to prevent Greece disappearing from the Eurozone or the EU”

“Greek “no” is not a call for a Grexit”

Writing on the social networking site Twitter the leader of the Flemish Greens Meyrem Almaci said “The Greeks ‘ #oxi is not a call for Grexit, but rather for a Europe of and for normal citizens with reforms that are carried out in a humane fashion."

Verhofstadt: “Tsipras has lost his credibility in the rest of Europe”

Initially, the former Belgian Prime Minister, Europhile and Liberal Group Leader Guy Verhofstadt adopted a conciliatory tone.

Mr Verhofstadt wrote on Twitter that If Mr Tsipras comers along with serious proposals a lasting solution to suit both Greece and Europe could be found.

However, Mr Verhofstadt’s tone was very different in Monday’s edition of the daily ‘De Morgen’. “Tsipras has won the home leg, but lost his credibility in the rest of Europe.He should realise that money doesn’t grow on trees. He needs to prove that he can do more than just make proposals", Mr Verhofstadt said.