Worst still to come

The storm that swept across Belgium last night failed to cause the havoc and damage many people had expected. It did rain an awful lot though. VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere warns that the worst is still to come: "A storm is on the way!"

Frank Deboosere: "It rained an awful lot on the coast overnight and during the second half of the night there was thunder and lightning in East Flanders and later in Antwerp and Limburg. Lightning struck in several places and there was heavy rainfall in a short period of time."

Many might be thinking this is a storm in a teacup but Frank Deboosere says that they are wrong: "Storm is on the way. Strong west-north-westerly winds are blowing on the coast. We're expecting strong winds in the interior with gusts up to 80km/km, up to 90km/h on the coast. Thunderstorms may occur out East. Significant rainfall is forecast with temperatures a fresh 17°C or 18°C."