Brussels pedestrian precinct: pocket parks for strollers

The Brussels Region, the City of Brussels and Beliris have struck a deal to invest 33 million euros on the new pedestrian precinct at the heart of the City of Brussels. The money will be spent on renovating the Anspachlaan and the De Brouckère, Beurs and Fontainas squares.
Nicolas Maeterlinck
The Anspachlaan before it became a pedestrian precinct!

Most of the cash comes from Beliris, the federal fund for the embellishment of the capital.The Anspachlaan and the De Brouckère, Beurs and Fontainas squares will largely be laid out in bluestone. This central avenue will be lined by trees and pocket parks. The Anspachlaan will be divided into three lanes: a central lane for cyclists and pedestrians and two outside lanes for people taking time for a leisurely stroll.

The final touches are now being put to the building application. Permission should be forthcoming by the beginning of next year, but utilities will already set to work beforehand. The project should be complete by 2018 when the new Beer Palace opens in the old stock exchange building, the Beurs.