1,700 Belgians caught speeding on French roads each day

July saw a total of 53,000 Belgians being caught by speed traps on French roads. The number is down on last year, but is still relatively high, also taking into account the fact that the speed checks had been announced. "It seems we don't learn from our mistakes", says Danny Smagghe of the motoring organisation Touring.

The French had announced stricter checks, and data of speeding drivers would be exchanged with the Belgian authorities, it had been announced. Belgian drivers caught speeding abroad would no longer escape a fine due to administrative hurdles.

Belgian mobility organisations launched a campaign before the summer, but still 53,000 Belgian holiday makers received a ticket for speeding. This is compared to 60,000 in July last year. The number equals about 1,700 Belgians each day, and if it continues like this, it will exceed the total number of French motorists that are caught speeding on Belgian roads in a whole year.

Touring spokesman Danny Smagghe is talking of a "striking number". "The French invested in more material and more means. Despite the warnings, Belgian motorists are not changing their habits. They are not paying enough attention to speed limits abroad."