New cuts to hit people with long-term illness and civil servants

The latest austerity measures announced by the federal government will hit people in long-term illness and also people in retirement that worked as a civil servant. This was calculated by the socialist health mutual. The measures should cut public spending to the tune of 474 million euros.

People falling ill for a longer period can first count on a wage paid by their employer. This is just for one month in most cases. After that, they have to rely on a social benefit, which until now was calculated on the basis of your last wage (60 per cent of your last salary before tax). This will now become the last 12 months. In practice, this will mean a lower sick pay for everyone. De Voorzorg calculated that people with long-term illness will lose between 240 and 540 euros per year.

Civil servants will also have to tighten the belt a little bit. The government will cut their pensions slightly. People working for the state generally enjoy a good pension when they retire - if they received the status of civil servant - and are better off than normal employees. A change will now be made in the direction of these other pensions, as calculations will happen in a different way.