"Good chance to spot falling stars"

If you watch the sky during the coming nights, you have an above-average chance to see falling stars. This "rain of stars" will reach a climax between Wednesday and Thursday, astronomers say. The Royal Observatory of Belgium is organising "The Night of the Falling Stars": enthusiasts can come over to catch a glimpse of the meteors from the Brussels Planetarium that night.

The increased activity in space is linked to the Perseids and is therefore also called the Perseids meteor shower. The Perseids are associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. It's when the Earth passes through the cloud of dust left behind by Swift-Tuttle, that the falling stars are created. "When the dust enters our atmosphere, it burns up and this is exactly what we see: a stroke of light or a falling star", explains the VRT's weather presenter Sabine Hagedoren.