Victim’s father takes legal action against Dutroux children

The father of a young woman murdered by Marc Dutroux is taking legal action against the children of Dutroux and his ex-wife and accomplice Michelle Martin. Friday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ reports that Jean Lambrecks, the father of Eefje Lambrecks who was 19 at the time that she was abducted and murdered, is taking legal action against the Dutroux children as their mother Michelle Martin refused an inheritance from her own mother allegedly to prevent it going to families of her victims. As Michel Martin refused the inheritance it automatically was passed on to her children.

Michelle Martin’s mother died in 2000. As an only child she should have inherited all of her mother’s estate that included a villa in the well-to-do Walloon Brabant town of Waterloo. The inheritance also included money and a sizable portfolio of shares.

Had Michelle Martin (photo) accepted the inheritance, the judicial authority would have confiscated it in order to pay out compensation to her victims. However, she refused it and it was passed on to her children.

Mr Lambrecks says that Michelle Martin did this deliberately in order to prevent the victims of her and her husband’s crimes getting any financial compensation.

When Michelle Martin was sentenced in to 30-years 2004 she was also ordered to pay 179,000 euro in compensation to her victims. However, she was unable to pay as she was without means.

Mr Lambrecks told ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ that “When she refused her mother’s estate, she knew that she would have to pay compensation to me and the other plaintiffs a sizable sum in compensation. This was clear although the figure had not yet been set.”

Mr Lambrecks has now decided to take legal action against Marc Dutroux’s two sons and one daughter in order to get at least some of the money he is owed.

Mr Lambrecks says that he is doing so not for the money, but as a matter of principle.