One of Italy's most wanted criminals started new life in Belgium

An Albanian man who was convicted for murder in Bologna, Italy, took on a new identity and lived in Belgium for 14 years. The man acquired a Belgian passport, married and had 3 children in his 'new life' before he could be apprehended. The man is behind bars in Ieper's jail; a procedure has been started to extradite him to Italy.

The 37-year-old was arrested in Geluwe, West Flanders, earlier this week. He was convicted for murder by the court in Bologna after killing a 20-year-old prostitute in 1999. He tortured his victim for several days before he strangled her. The man received a 30-year sentence, but was not present in court, as he was on the run. 

Apparently, he managed to escape to Belgium, where he registered as a refugee in 2000, using a false name and date of birth. He acquired a Belgian passport, married a Flemish woman and got 3 children. All this time, he lived under a new identity. His family did not have a clue that he was one of the most wanted criminals.

The man could be apprehended after all and was transferred to the prison in Ieper. A procedure has been started to extradite him to the Italian authorities.