Clockwise Brussels Orbital has reopened

The clockwise carriageway or the Brussels Orbital Motorway has reopened after having being closed for around 16 hours. A serious road accident had closed what is one of Belgium’s busiest stretches of motorway.

The accident happened just after midnight when a lorry ran into the tail end of a traffic jam.

The closure of a stretch of road that is pivotal to the country’s motorway network inevitably resulted in longer than usual delays during the morning rush hour.

The VRT’s traffic reporter Hajo Beeckman explains that “As has often been the case over the past few weeks, there were roadworks on the clockwise carriageway of the Brussels Orbital. The road is being resurfaced and that is something that is done at night to avoid creating difficulties during the day”.

However, even at night the roadworks result in jams. “It seems that last night a lorry driver was caught unawares and noticed the tail end of the traffic jam at the Strombeek interchange too late. He probably crashed into the tail end of the jam”, Hajo Beeckman believes.

Two people died in the accident in which three trucks and three cars were involved. One of the lorries and one of the cars caught fire. Two people were taken to hospital, where one is still in a life threatening condition.

The fire-fighters spent the whole night putting out the blazing car and truck. Only in the morning was the wreckage able to be towed away. As the road surface was damaged by the blaze, road crews had to carry out repairs before the motorway could reopen. This took until Thursday afternoon.