Diesel price to drop below symbolic 1 euro threshold

Diesel and heating oil prices are dropping again on Thursday. This was announced by the federal Economy Department. Fuel expert Omer Coekaerts of the energy site brandstofprijzen.be (which focuses on fuel prices) says that these are reaching a 5-year low now.

Official prices for a litre of diesel will drop a further 3.7 eurocents to reach 1.148 euros. This is the maximum price we usually pay at petrol stations situated at motorway relays. Most petrol stations are offering cheaper rates, sometimes up to 20 eurocents below the official price.

Coekaerts thinks that "hundreds of petrol stations across Belgium" will let their diesel price drop below 1 euro now. This makes it a good moment to fill up your diesel car. Petrol prices are, of course, also at a low level. The drop is linked to international oil prices, due to a slackening demand on the Chinese market, among other things.