"Our house was lifted off the ground"

Flemish film director Jan Verheyen is among the victims of the Saint John the Baptist's night storm. His home was one of many to be devastated in Ruddervoorde (West Flanders).

"We survived the storm unscathed, but the fire service has declared our home uninhabitable!"

"We are taking stock of the storm damage, but we don’t know where to start!"

The storm has clearly left its mark on the film director: "It was 4:50AM when the full force of the storm was unleashed with hail showers. Everybody was wide awake in a start. Fire-fighters say the whirlwind only occurred here, but caused an awful lot of damage."

Snaps shared on social media by the director's wife show the scale of the damage.

"Our house was lifted from the ground. The roof’s gone. The windows are broken. This is no fun."