How you responded to Bart De Wever

The leader of the Flemish nationalists has triggered a wealth of reactions from our readers after he told the daily Het Laatste Nieuws that people who had reached a safe country, but continued to Western Europe were economic migrants.

Bart De Wever's words in Het Laatste Nieuws were hardly dry before you, our readers, started commenting on our report on the facebook page.

Ivana-Iasminca Luianov says: "I'm not a Belgian myself, but I thank God not whole Belgium shares the opinion of this man."

Carla Peelman adds: "I am deeply ashamed to share the same nationality with this man. More dreadful is how many people agree with him. The general lack of empathy made me leave that nation many many years ago, the man just puts into words what lots of people are thinking. Woeful..."

Russel Gundi, originally from Kenya, but now living in Izegem, writes: "I think "Bart" it's the wrong time to sell party policies.. Trying to use this little boy’s misfortune to show how macho you are to ur supporters is just low. Sadly enough your supports are echoing such careless remarks. FYI nobody has asked you to open ur borders u can erect a wall around Belgium for all we care. All the world needs is for you and your fellow shallow leaders to gather around the same table you gathered when deliberating on how to raid Iraq, Syria and Libya. And discuss a lasting solution to this problem facing these countries you bombed and dethroned their legitimate leaders.. FYI Newton's third laws says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.. You should have thought of that before backing the infamous allied forces...”

Michelle Wright from London, now living in Ghent, comments: “A heartless and racist man, and I'm ashamed to say I live in the same country as him. I was in the Brussels refugee camp yesterday and saw enough, including the site of a young woman with her new born baby. She had travelled from Syria alone after her husband was killed by ISIS. No way is she an economic migrant!! Here's the photo I took of her among others."

Brendan Mullooly, originally from Llandudno (Wales), but now living in Holsbeek, is well informed: "The family are Syrian Kurds - they're simply not safe in Turkey."

The overwhelming majority of comments were negative and we're not quite sure if we could reproduce all of them, but Mr De Wever also has his supporters. Marc Lensly writes: "They already made it to safe countries. Why carry on travelling until they are in Belgium, Germany, etc.? Bart de Wever is totally correct in his reasoning."

read what Bart De Wever said: