So who's paid the best wage?

New figures from the Belgian economy ministry show that the average Belgian worker earned 3,300 euros a month before tax in 2013. People working in Brussels earn 16% more than the national average.

A full ten percent of all workers made less than 2,049 euros a month before tax in that year. The ten percent on the highest wage made 5,038 euros before tax on average.

Half of all employees made between 2,000 euros and 3,000 euros before tax.

People in charge of big businesses have the highest wages: 9,018 euros a month before tax on average. Barmen are the least well-paid making 2,129 euros a month before tax.

Managers, cadres, engineers and scientists head the list of top earners. Hairdressers, cleaners, cashiers and sales assistants are least well paid.

Wages in the petrochemical sector are the highest, 53% above the average. Jobs in consultancy, the pharmaceutical sector and ICT are well paid too. Employees in the tourism and hospitality industries and refuse workers are least well-paid.

Wages are highest in Brussels and the two Brabants and lowest in Dinant, Veurne and Marche-en-Famenne. Age too plays a role: white collar workers aged 60 or more earn three times as much as colleagues under 20. Blue collar workers over 60 earn a third more than their young colleagues. Studies too play a role with holders of an MA earning 56% above the average. For BAs the figure is 8%.