Far-right gains ground in new poll

An opinion poll carried out on behalf of the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF and the daily ‘La Libre Belgique’ has shown big gains for the far-right party Vlaams Belang. The party lead by Tom Van Grieken has seen voting intentions up 1.8% compared with the last RTBF/La Libre poll in May.
Nicolas Maeterlinck

The three Flemish parties that are in the Flemish and federal coalitions all lose ground in the poll. The Flemish nationalist N-VA is down 0.6%, the Christian democrats 1.2% and the liberals are down 1% compared with May’s poll.

The poll was compiled between 9 and 14 September. A sample of 900 Flemish voters were questioned on how they would vote if an election were held now. The margin of error is 3.2%.

Socialists move up to second place

Although the Nationalists are still first by a country mile with 27.5%, this is 4.9% less than the 32.4% they polled at last year’s federal elections.

The Flemish socialists move up to second place with 16.2% of voting intentions. This is 2.2 up on the 2014 federal election.

The Christian democrats lose ground and now have 16% of voting intentions. This is 2% less than the 18% the Christian democrats polled in last year’s federal election.

The liberals are also down from 15.5% at the election to 14.4% in the RTBF/La Libre Belgique poll. The Greens are up 1.5% on their federal election result and now poll 10.1% of voting intentions.

The most spectacular rise though is for the far-right Vlaams Belang. The party received 9.7% of voting intention in the poll. This is up 3.9% on the 5.8% it polled at last year’s federal elections.