Official Flemish website becomes Japanese porn site

"Kleurrijk Vlaanderen" (Colourful Flanders), the official Flemish website that set out the vision for the future in 2002, is not what it used to be. A creation by the former Flemish PM Patrick Dewael (liberal) 13 years ago, it has now turned into a porn website. If you go to nowadays, you end up on a Japanese porn page.

The present Flemish PM Geert Bourgeois launched his vision for the future of Flanders yesterday, with his document 'Visie 2050'. Mr Bourgeois continues a long-time tradition, as his predecessors also launched similar initiatives.

One of them was Patrick Dewael in 2002, when he was looking towards the year 2020. The opposition says that all these initiatives haven't really changed a lot. For the occasion, Joris Vandenbroucke, the floor leader of the Flemish socialists, tried to find out what exactly came of it.

However, those visiting are getting a rather 'different' vision of the Flemish future. In fact, you end up with Japanese porn. "This puts things into perspective", claims Vandenbroucke.