Brussels Kinepolis cinema complex evacuated

The Kinepolis cinema complex in Brussels was partly evacuated last night due to riots. The cinema complex was overwhelmed by an influx of visitors that started after cheap tickets had been announced.

Yesterday was the last day of the BNP Paribas Fortis Film Days in Kinepolis. Film enthusiasts were offered ticket prices of only 4 euros for the occasion. The promotion was a big hit in the Brussels branch as people flocked to the local Kinepolis film theatres.

"It was extremely busy and some delinquents started to make trouble", explains Kinepolis spokeswoman Anneleen Van Troos. "A couple of windows were smashed. Together with the police, we decided to close the complex and start an evacuation. A number of movie theatres were evacuated completely and the last two movies were cancelled."

Things returned to normal around 9pm. The incident also caused disruption to public transport services.