Flemish students unite to beat beer price rises

Many goods and products are cheaper when you buy them in bulk. This has not passed unnoticed among students in the fair city of Ghent. They are now launching bulk purchases as part of a protest against rising beer prices.

As one commentator put it: "The academic year has barely started and there they are with their first protest."

Jens Corijn, student commercial sciences, told the press agency Belga: "We were having a jar at our digs with a few friends last week when the beer price increase hit the news. During the past eight years beer has become 30% more expensive."

"Our students decided not to take it lying down. We want to launch bulk purchases similar to bulk purchases for heating fuel and solar panels. We hope to get the brewers on their knees."

"People interested in taking part in the Belgian beer purchase can register via www.bierprotest.be.11 October is the deadline. If enough people have registered by 12 October, we will contact the brewers."

By the end of next month the students hope to have struck a deal with the brewers using reduction vouchers that can be handed in in shops.

By yesterday over 2,000 students had registered.