Strikers on the tracks in Brussels

Groups of striking rail workers have taken to the tracks in Schaarbeek and at Kapellekerk. The rail track operator Infrabel says that they are playing cat and mouse with the authorities.

Belgium is in the grip of a 24-hour rail strike centred on Brussels, but with the impact being felt further afield too.

Infrabel went to court last night in a bid to get the strike suspended. The socialist rail union that is staging the strike says this was an attempt to break the strike, though this is denied by the rail track operator. Its spokesman Thomas Baeken says it was only concerned with safety: "We want to prevent people from occupying the tracks. This is dangerous and you are taking an enormous risk."

The court ruled in the company's favour when it comes to track safety imposing a 100 euro fine for people going on the tracks. Disturbing signalling boxes can get you a 300 euro fine.

Strikers picketing the signalling box at the Brussels South Station last night have already been fined. Pickets this morning allowed through people willing to work.

Acts of sabotage were reported at Kapellekerk Station in Brussels. Iron posts and torches were put on the rails preventing traffic on the busy North South Link through Brussels.