Police swoop on fake ID workshop in Brussels

Belgian police have dismantled a gang involved in the forgery of ID cards. The forgeries were sold in Belgium, but also in Greece and Turkey, countries where there are many refugees.

Belgian prosecutors believe that the forgers collaborated with people-traffickers.

Police first hit on the operation when a shipment of forged IDs was discovered at Brussels Airport. The forgeries were professionally made and were bound for Greece and Turkey. Prosecutors believe that people-traffickers were selling the false IDs to refugees?

"One fake ID easily went for 500 euros. You had to fork out several thousand euros if you wanted to stow your wallet full of cards proving your identity" said police spokesman Peter Dewaele.

Police raided premises in the capital last week. Peter Dewaele: "We discovered the gang's work shop and loads of equipment that was seized."

The equipment included a press to make Belgian ID cards.

Nine suspects, all of North African extraction were stopped, but police suspect many more people were in on the game.