Breathalyzer marathon on 16 January

Belgian police are to launch a new marathon action. After motorists watched their speed as the police staged round the clock checks with speed cameras, drivers will now have to watch out for extra checks on their alcohol consumption.
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Belgians are used to extra checks during the Christmas and New Year's season. It's especially in January when many New Year’s receptions are staged that it can become tempting to drink too much and drive over the limit. On the night of 16 January Belgium will stage its Night without Alcohol when police will stage a mass operation in order to breathalyze as many drivers as humanly possible.

Michaël Jonniaux, the head of the roads police: "As in former operations we will work together with the local police. During that weekend the chance of being caught will be much greater than usual."

The police plan to breathalyze people in no fewer than 100 police zones up and down the country, but Michaël Jonniaux adds: "We hope we won't catch a single driver."

The marathon forms part of the designated driver or Bob campaign that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The Bob campaign runs until 25 January 2016.