Flemish nationalists of N-VA support David Cameron

"David Cameron's vision on the future of the European Union is not only good for the United Kingdom, but also for the EU as a whole, and in this respect also for Flanders." This was said by Bart De Wever, the president of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA.

The N-VA can be situated at the right side of the political spectre, just like Cameron's Conservatives. Both parties belong to the same political fraction in the European Parliament.

De Wever argues that the EU is not capable of responding to a quickly changing society. "We remain in the doldrums due to bureaucracy and a centralist approach. The solutions offered by the EU, often create more problems than answers."

"The British proposals for reform change this. Cameron makes well-considered proposals to step up competitiveness and to build the EU from the bottom." De Wever also praises Cameron for calling a spade a spade, and not to avoid the unpleasant side of the story.

Bart De Wever is also on the same line as Cameron where immigration and social security are concerned. "The EU was built on shared values. But these basic principles should not become an excuse to undermine our social welfare system. Newcomers cannot enjoy the same rights as those who have contributed to the social security system for years. The free movement of citizens is not meant to go 'shopping' in the various member states to find the best social protection. David Cameron has understood this."