42,000 euros in compensation for "Mad" Farid

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Belgium to pay 42,000 euros in compensation to the former convict Farid Bamouhammad. Bamouhammad is a convicted gangster who was dubbed Farid "Le Fou" or "Mad" Farid as a result of his unmanageable behaviour.

The European Court has ruled that Farid Bamouhammad did not receive the right treatment during his stay in Belgian prisons. The former convict is said to suffer from a form of prison psychosis. Because of his unmanageable behaviour he was repeatedly moved from prison to prison. The European Court says that that gave him extra stress.

The European Court of Human Rights is an international court established by the European Convention on Human Rights. The convention was adopted within the context of the Council of Europe and its 47 member states are all contracting parties.