Cats steal the show during #BrusselsLockdown

Twitter-users posted photographs of their cats on the social media platform after the security services had asked Belgians to maintain radio silence on social media about Sunday evening’s raids. Early on Sunday evening reports of operations by the security services in Brussels appeared on social media. The reports spread like wild fire under the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown.

In order to ensure the safety of the police and the army the authorities asked users of social media networks to desist from disclosing details of police operations in their area.

The request was followed by almost everyone using social media. Unable to tweet about the events that were unfolding, the twitter-users decided to turn their attention to something else to while away the time.

With cats a constant source of laughs on the internet and (for those that have them), in the home. Twitter-users egged each other on to post the craziest images of cats they could find. At one point the #Brussels Lockdown was almost exclusively filled with photos of felines with the occasional dog for good measure.