Terror alert level in Brussels to stay at four

The terror threat level for the Brussels Capital Region is being kept at the maximum of 4. This means that the alert level is “serious”. The terror alert level for the rest of Belgium has been maintained at 3. The Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) made the announcement at a press conference held shortly after 7pm on Monday evening.

The Prime Minister added that the level 4 threat level in Brussels will be maintained until next Monday.

The National Security Council had been in meeting since 4.30pm. Key ministers, intelligence services, police and the federal judicial authorities were discussing the decision made by the independent terror threat experts of the OCAD, and which measures to implement next. PM Charles Michel announced that the terror threat for Brussels remains at level 4 for the time being.

What happens under level 4?

Under level 4, the number of major public events will be reduced, and police and military presence remain high. A lot of police effort will be focused on public transport, rail stations, shopping streets and other places with big crowds.

Mr Michel announced that schools in the Brussels-Capital region will remain closed on Tuesday, but will re-open from Wednesday. The Brussels metro will also remain closed on Tuesday and will re-open “gradually” from Wednesday.

Mr Michel thanked the Belgian population for their serenity in the face of the crisis. The Prime Minister also thanked the security services for their work in the face of the heightened terror threat.

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