Warning against UK style infiltration

Belgian health minister Maggie De Block and interior minister Jan Jambon have dispatched a letter warning of possible infiltration at fire stations across the country. The letter has been sent to fire services, but also to hospitals and ambulance services often operated by fire-fighters.

Fire-fighters are asked to be alert and ensure that terrorists don't get hold of fire-fighters' kit. The letter says that fire stations must be properly secured to ensure no material or gear is stolen. Fire services are operating at full capacity during the heightened terrorist alert.

Hospitals and ambulance services have been told to be alert too and to follow security procedures strictly. Those in charge have been asked to ensure that all members are properly registered and actually work for the shift they are operating.

The interior minister says there are no precise indications that terrorists want to infiltrate the emergency services and that the measures are being taken as a precaution.

Mr Jambon points to events in the UK where terrorists attempted to infiltrate the emergency services. He added that in the event of attacks like the ones in Paris emergency services are brought in from other places and nobody knows everybody any more.