Belgium to legislate against revenge porn

Voyeurism is set to become illegal in Belgium soon. The justice select committee of the lower house of the Belgian parliament has just approved draft legislation that will make it an offence in law to spy on another person's nakedness.
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Spying or filming into locker rooms and bedrooms, taking snaps under women's skirts and looking through the keyhole of the loo, all these pastimes will soon become illegal in Belgium.

You may be surprised to learn that until now no such felony existed and a basketball coach who spied on and filmed his female players in the showers had to be let off the hook recently.

Thanks to two Flemish liberal lawmakers this is set to change and secretly spying on another person's nakedness with or without any aid or scam will soon be illegal.

Also set to become an offence is the distribution of naked photos or films without the subject's consent. In this way Belgian legislators intend to clamp down on revenge porn. More and more people are getting back at their exes by distributing sexy images of their former lover via the internet.

The term assault is also being qualified with the qualifications force, surprise or scam being added. As a result the spying on people who are put to sleep for medical reasons will become an offence too.

If convicted of voyeurism you will risk a custodial sentence of between six months and 15 years.