'This was 2015': the answers

We hope the quiz was a success! Find out how much you scored by checking the right answers below. If you managed 8 or more, you are actually a real pundit and expert in Belgian affairs. Between 5 and 8 means you have simply passed the Belgian exam in style and if you have a score below 5, you could maybe... make this visit to Belgium that you had planned for so long. Or it could mean we simply made it too difficult.

Question 1: (a) In Flanders Fields Museum

The museum enjoyed a throrough renovation a couple of years ago to be in full force for the centenary. The IFF Museum set various new records concerning visitor numbers in 2013 and 2014 and is traditionally receiving many schools. Various hundreds of thousands of tourists found their way to the Westhoek area and the museum in recent years. The museum name comes from the famous poem with the same name "In Flanders Fields, where the poppies blow" by John McCrae.

Question 2: (c) The Fossil of the Day Award

On the first day of the Paris Climate Change Summit Belgium won the main prize: the prize "Fossil of the Day" awarded by environmental organisations to the country that performs most badly on a given day. Belgium got the award because its various environment ministers had failed to come up with a joint position ahead of the conference. Photo below shows Joeri Thys of Greenpeace Belgium taking the award that includes a small dinosaur. Click on the video below to play.

Question 3: (c) Steven Vandeput

The Flemish nationalists of the N-VA joined the federal coalition government for the first time after winning the previous general elections in 2014. They had been in regional governments, but this was the first time they ventured out on the federal level. The N-VA were rewarded with 5 ministers or state secretaries as the biggest party. Steven Vandeput is one of them, he succeeded Christian democrat Pieter De Crem.

Question 4: (a) France

Almost 8 out of 10 Belgians picked a European destination. The top three consists of France (30%), Spain (12%), and Italy (10%). Another 10% choose to spend their vacation somewhere in their own country.

The car is the most popular way of transportation with 53%. The airplane is on number two with 43%. Then, surprisingly, 18% of Belgians are open to carpooling to their holiday destination as an alternative way of getting there.

Question 5: (a) Godetia

The Belgian army only has a small fleet, which includes the marine command vessel Godetia, two frigates (the Leopold I and the Louise Marie), some mine sweepers, a research ship (Belgica) and some other vessels. Under a very recent accord, fresh cash has been earmarked for 2 new frigates (to replace the old ones) and 6 mine sweepers. 

Question 6: (b) wrong person comes to the stage

It was Lee Ji Yoon and not the real winner, Lim Ji Young, who first came to the stage. She explains the confusion in the second of the two videos below. The first one shows the confusion and embarrassment after the name had been called. 

Question 7: (c) the Buffaloes

The Canaries is the nickname used for the football team of Sint-Truiden, while the Zebras are from Charleroi. The name comes from a circus act that was performed in Ghent (among other cities) over a century ago. The act was based on the story of Buffalo Bill, the bison hunter, and also involved indians as a reference to the Wild West. The nickname was allegedly launched by Ghent students in the early 19th century. The Ghent logo is the head of a native indian wearing blue and white feathers, and AA Gent has a similar mascotte. Photo: the retired King Albert and Queen Paola on a visit with Ghent Mayor Daniël Termont (central) during the Ghent festival that takes place in July.

Question 8: (c) Jan Jambon

The Belgian Interior Minister is Jan Jambon, also a member of the N-VA.

Question 9: (a) Howard Gutman

Gutman gave an interview to the VRT putting the terror threat and the measures going with it into perspective saying coming to Belgium is more dangerous for eating an overdose of chocolate or for your cholesterol levels than for anything else.

Question 10: (a) mayo and chips

Louis Michel changed his suit after the incident and even had time for a joke.The female activists belong to Lilith and were protesting against the cuts and austerity measures imposed by the Michel government.