Flemish bedroom fine on the way

The Flemish housing minister Liesbeth Homans wants to make sure that social housing is used as efficiently as possible. In order to discourage people from blocking large council houses when they could make do with a modest flat Ms Homans is introducing a Flemish bedroom fine.

Over 15,000 people are currently living in a council house that could be seen to have too many rooms for the number of people living there. The housing minister now plans to introduce a 25 euro per month fine on people with more than one "bedroom too many".

In future all new contracts for social accommodation will be of a temporary nature the daily De Standaard reports. In this way the housing authorities can respond with flexibility to any changes in a household. Social housing tenants living in accommodation that is judged to be too large who twice refuse more modest accommodation won't have their tenancy agreement extended at the end of their contract.