Shopping soldier: what do you think?

On Tuesday it emerged that a soldier who was deployed to patrol the streets of Brussels as a result of the terror alert had been suspended after a photograph of him with a carrier bag had gone viral on social media. flandersnews asked you whether you thought suspension was an appropriate response. This is how you reacted.

Kevin Bruggeman: "No, just a warning is more than enough!"

Referring to the logo on the carrier bag - though we're not quite sure whether Brendan has the right store - Brendan Mullooly writes "Inno should give him a gift voucher. Great publicity".

Martin Bateman wonders: "Was it a gift for his CO?" or commanding officer.

Paul Holroyd says: "A difficult one, I would have thought they're entitled to breaks just like everyone. They're professional soldiers, not robots."

Mike Cambier is stricter: "They are there for one reason only, they get free time to do shopping, you are now on duty."

Kris Dewitte suggests: "He just found an unattended bag, and now he is being suspend?"

Sam Romio writes:"These days people criticise nonsense things. They are also human. What's wrong with that? Soldiers can do shopping as well. Whether they are on duty or not doesn't matter. Respect for all of them. I wish them a merry Christmas."

Tony Petersen says "Suspension on the basis of that photo? Do we know the before and the after? The photo shows one moment which is open to interpretation. I can read lots of good or bad into the photo."

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