Test your knowledge of Belgium!

Flandersnews is launching a short quiz to look back on the year 2015 in Flanders and Belgium. You can test your knowledge in this article, which includes 10 multiple choice questions. You will find a link at the bottom of this page to check out the answers!

Question 1: the Great War

The First World War centenary involves ceremonies and remembrance events across the world, and also in Flanders. West Flanders was a battlefield for much of the Great War. What is Ieper's revamped Great War museum at the central city square called?

a) In Flanders Fields Museum

b) IJzertoren Museum

c) First World War Memorial Museum

Question 2: Paris COP21 climate summit

Belgium did not make a good impression in Paris, as it failed to reach an internal (Belgian) climate deal before the start of the summit. This was the result of years of discussions and bickering between the 4 (!) different Environment Ministers in Belgium, about who should pay how much and who should make which effort. This earned Belgium an undesirable trophy handed out by NGO's and climate organisations in Paris. Is it called:

a) The Dinosaur of the Day

b) The Prix Citron

c) The Fossil of the Day Award

Question 3: The Belgian army

The Belgian army is facing several years of (budget) challenges and internal changes. The armed forces will be rejuvenated in the coming years, and a strategic geographic shift in the defence policy (towards North Africa) has been announced. But who is Belgium's Defence Minister? You can see his picture below.

a) Pieter De Crem

b) André Flahaut

c) Steven Vandeput

Question 4: Belgians and their holidays

As most Europeans, Belgians are notorious travellers. What was the favourite holiday destination of Belgian holiday makers last summer, according to the European travel barometer?

a) France

b) Spain

c) Italy

Question 5: patrolling the Mediterranean

The refugee crisis dominated the news for months. Belgium also did its fair share to help out, e.g. in the Mediterranean Sea. Belgium sent a marine vessel to patrol and look out for rickety boats carrying desperate refugees. What is the name of this navy command vessel?

a) Godetia

b) Louise Marie

c) Leopold I

Question 6: embarrassment at the QEC

The prestigious annual Queen Elisabeth Competition (KEW) for classical music centred on violin this year. South Korea's Lim Ji Young won it after a splendid performance, playing the set piece " ...aussi peu que les nuages...) by Michael Jarrell. However, the contest for young talents will also be remembered by an embarrassing situation. What happened?

a) the winner was completely speechless, which caused an embarrassing silence. The presenter had to come to her rescue.

b) Jury president Arie Van Lysebeth did not pronounce the winner's name clearly. Because of this, another South Korean violinist first thought she had won and came forward to take her prize.

c) The jury president took the wrong piece of paper when he came forward to announce the winner, and had to admit he could not announce any name. He had to return and fetch the right envelope first.

Question 7: a first for a club from Ghent

In football, the big surprise in the Belgian league was created by AA Gent, who managed to take their first league title ever last May. Nobody expected AA Gent to win the season-ending play-offs and beat the traditional favourites Anderlecht and Club Brugge. Pundits were afraid AA Gent would have a hard time in the Champions League, but again the East-Flemings proved critics wrong, making it into the second round and the last 16 of Europe's most prestigious club competition. But what's the nickname used for the AA Gent players?

a) the Canaries

b) the Zebras

c) the Buffaloes

Question 8: Molenbeek

The Paris terror attacks in November quickly cast a shadow over Belgium. It turned out that the attacks were at least partly planned and organised in the Brussels borough of Molenbeek. Busy weeks also for the Belgian Interior Minister, after the terror alert level for the capital was lifted to the highest possible of 4. Talking about Molenbeek, the Interior Minister said "he would clean up the whole area". Who is he? His picture is shown below.

a) Theo Francken

b) Ben Weyts

c) Jan Jambon

Question 9: more terror alert

The Brussels lockdown in the aftermath of the Paris attacks had a major impact. The metro network was closed, public transport was disrupted, schools were even closed for a couple of days. Many Flemish employees working in the capital were allowed to work at home in order to avoid having to commute to the capital, as police vehicles and soldiers and policemen were seen patrolling the streets. Big events including several concerts and football matches, were cancelled. Some say it was all a bit exaggerated, and that the picture created of Belgium was much too negative. One of them taking up the defence of Belgium was the former American ambassador to Belgium, whose photo you can see below. Who is he?

a) Howard Gutman

b) Jonathan Brenton

c) Michael Bauer

Question 10: bonus question

The last question is a bonus question and actually goes back to late 2014. Belgium's new Prime Minister Charles Michel travelled to Namur to address Walloon businessman but was in for a nasty surprise when he was suddenly in the middle of a food attack. The video even made it to the BBC. What happened?

a) the PM was "bombarded" with Belgian mayo and chips

b) Belgian chocolats were thrown at him

c) Michel found himself dodging potatoes and chicory