"He was a victim of a society that didn't accept him"

The mother of Bilal Hadfi, one of the Belgian suicide bombers who blew himself up at the Stade de France in Paris in November, has spoken with the Belgian Moroccan TV channel Maghreb TV. She told TV viewers that her son was the victim of a society that did not accept him.

"My son was a friendly and helpful boy, but he became the victim of our society. He became the victim of the way lads like him are looked at. Society pushed him to its margins, where he was indoctrinated and manipulated."

The journalist conducting the 27 minute long interview was not aware that he was going to speak with the terrorist’s mother when he went on air, but continued anyway. At no point during the interview was there any mention of the 130 victims of Paris.

Hadfi's mother said that her son ended up at the margins of society because he no longer felt welcome. There he was embraced by radicalised Muslims. In an emotional intervention she continued: "He didn't become a radical by himself, he was manipulated and indoctrinated by others. I can't prove it, but this is my conviction."

"This was another Bilal that blew himself up. He wasn't himself. If somebody repeatedly says, you must, you must, you must. Then you become someone else."

Hadfi's mother told the reporter that she was proud that her son hadn't killed anybody else when he blew himself up: "I don't understand what he was doing there, but he didn’t harm anybody else."