A Who's Who to Belgian terrorist suspects

VRT News has produced a handy guide to the number of terrorist suspects now incarcerated in Belgian jails. The Paris attacks involving Belgian terrorists triggered a spate of police raids across Belgium. Today some eleven suspects are behind bars as the investigations continue.

In all some 50 people were questioned following police raids. Most have meanwhile been freed. Of the eleven in detention nine are being directly linked to the Paris atrocities.

Four people were arrested because they are suspected of abetting terrorist suspect Salah Abdeslam and his return to Belgium. The son of an extremist imam from Verviers is a fifth suspect. He can be linked to Abdeslam via a prisoner from Namur jail.

A sixth terrorist suspect was detained during a search in Auvelais (Namur Province) in a house that may possibly have been used as a safe house for terrorists.

Two other suspects are linked to Bilal Hadfi, the Belgian who blew himself up at the Stade de France in Paris.

Last week a ninth suspect was held. He stands accused of making telephone calls in a bid to come up with accommodation for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Belgian ringleader of the Paris attacks.

Two further terrorist suspects are in detention. They were arrested this week and are suspected of planning a terrorist outrage on Brussels-historic market square on New Year’s Eve.