Fewer passengers on New Year’s Eve buses

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn reports that 166,000 people made use of its special New Year’s Eve bus services on Thursday night. This is 10% down on passenger numbers on New Year’s Eve 2014. The cancellation of the traditional New Year’s firework display is believed to be the main reason for the fall in passenger numbers.

The biggest drop in passenger numbers was in Flemish Brabant. There were 17,200 passengers on De Lijn’s services in Flemish Brabant on Thursday evening down 5,000 (22%) on New Year’s Eve 2014. The greatest fall was on bus route 128 from Ninove (East Flanders) to Brussels that passes through the Pajottenland area of Flemish Brabant.

In Antwerp province too there were fewer passengers (-10% to 115,000) on the New Year’s Eve busses. West Flanders saw a 20% fall in passenger numbers. Just over 15,000 people made use of New Year’s Eve bus services there.

East Flanders and Limburg province bucked the trend with passenger numbers up to 14,900 and 3,800 respectively.
350 volunteers ensured that De Lijn was able to operate 205 vehicles on 130 routes across the region. It was the 28th New Year’s Eve that special bus services were provided in Flanders.