Drunken parents forget baby outside front door

A man found a baby left on the pavement in a Maxi-Cosi car seat and stroller in the West Flemish village of Emelgem near Izegemon Wednesday. The man first drove by the abandoned infant as he assumed that the baby would be taken inside quickly by its parents as the door to the it was in front of was open.

However, when he returned the Maxi-Cosi was still there so he took a look. He saw that there was a baby in the Maxi-Cosi.

He tried to allert the people in the house, but there was no reply. He took the child to the A&E Department at the Sint-Jozefskliniek in Izegem (West Flanders). Staff at the hospital contacted the police.

The baby’s parents were both under the influence of alcohol and had forgotten the child on the pavement when the returned home. As the baby had not been abandoned deliberately the child was returned to its parent after spending a night in hospital for observation.