New charge for polluting cars in Antwerp

The owners of polluting cars will have to pay an annual charge of 350 euros or a day payment of twenty euros if they wish to drive into Antwerp's low emissions zone starting February 2017. Motorists driving into the zone without payment risk a hefty fine.

According to the daily Gazet van Antwerpen four out of five cars currently on the roads can access the zone without any problems. Up to 9,000 cars that drive into the zone encompassing all areas inside the ring road plus the Left Bank are too old and too polluting.

Owners of DERV-fueled vehicles of the so called Euro 3-diesel variety will pay the charge though people on low income who live within the zone will get a discount.

Fines for non payment of the charge start at 125 euros. Repeat offenders face a 350 euro fine.