Foreign inspectors to be allowed access to nuclear sites

Belgium plans to communicate better with neighbouring counties when it comes to issues relating to our country’s nuclear power station. Experts from The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg will also be given access to the nuclear power stations at Doel (East Flanders) and Tihange (Liège province).

The news that our neighbours are to be better informed about Belgium’s nuclear power station came after a meeting between the Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) and the Luxembourg Secretary of State responsible for sustainable development Camille Gira (Green).

During the meeting Mr Gira was given an explanation about the safety procedure that are in force at Belgium’s nuclear power plants. The Luxembourg government and the governments of The Netherlands and Germany have posed questions concerning the safety of our power stations in recent weeks.

The idea of allowing foreign experts to carry out checks in Belgium is not new. Mr Jambon told journalists that "Belgium already carry out checks with experts from France. So it is not the case that one country can’t carry out checks on another country. It is more about exchanging ideas on best practices”.

The inspections will take place in the radioactive section of the reactor. The recent incidents took place in the non-radioactive part of the reactor.